MadDog Technology

Partnering with great companies

“In reality most companies are still trying to figure out how to become a ‘digital’ business. It’s late. The cloud is here and the companies who are embracing it can disrupt the ones that waited too long.

That’s where MadDog Technology comes in. We’re focused on putting our clients on the bleeding edge of technology. We use the cloud to monetize a company’s core assets by taking what makes your company great, and turning that into new revenue streams. We do this faster than ever thought possible. It’s as simple as that.”

Pete Karmanos Jr.

What is MadDog?

Changing business

MadDog Technology is creating innovative new products in partnership with existing companies.

We specialize in advanced technology and mobile device development. We practice agile methodologies and user-centric design.

MadDog Technology designs, creates, builds, and delivers.

MadDog Team

Let's get to work

"Our job is to help companies create digital enterprises that they never knew existed.
This is no easy task, which is why I hand-picked this team of visionaries. The power of this kind of thinking concentrated in one place is staggering. I want you to meet them all because, well, they are MadDog Technology."

- Pete Karmanos Jr. Chairman and Co-Founder

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Laura Fournier Bobby Schostak Doug Willoughby Paul Czarnik